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Dear All,

We established the Intervention Office with law firms attending to cases on behalf of their client in mind. Our experiences suggest that being right and putting forward legal arguments does not always suffice for advantageous dispute resolution or rejection of accusations. On many occasions we managed to ”save” a client owing to competent legal actions and use of public relations tools. Synergy of actions brings effects. With full respect for independence of the judicature, the latter considers more earnestly the cases that attract the interest of the public opinion. In 18 years of our operations we have had behind us a long list of crises of our clients in which we managed to help them: alleged economic scandals, obstinate harassment of companies by state bodies, hostile and unlawful acts of rivals or even unjustified application of a preventive measure in the form of arrest. We have been working effectively for the biggest Polish and foreign company groups. The life of such companies is easier, also because of constant public relations support.

When a problems affects a company from SME sectors or a natural person, the matter become much more difficult. This is where we see our role and we offer, among others, development of press releases and information for the media with a view to publicising the case, improving the image of the client by indicating their business and pro-social achievements, enabling to clients direct meetings with the media and presenting their arguments, winning a friendly attitude of local or all-Poland media, winning the favours of the local community. We also propose initiation of cooperation with organizations and foundations defending entrepreneurs, winning industry experts whose opinions will be publicised by the media, assistance in negotiations with stakeholders, calming down the moods among employees with the use of internal communication tools, revealing the intentions of methods of action of unfair competition.

Our Intervention Office is ready to present its offer to you. It will be tailored to your clients and their specific needs. SMEs are the heart of Polish enterprise. We are inviting you for cooperation.