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Conducting Public Relations activities on the Internet is a process of building the users trust based on modern technological solutions. The popularity of the Internet and the influence it has on people’s perception has a fundamental impact on the manner in which any brand is perceived by the user.
  • Preparation of texts devoted for Internet services, created in keeping with the design standards of user-oriented publications.
  • Creation of individual profiles for companies and products. Activity on social portals and multimedia platforms used for publication of animations, video files and sound.
  • Creation of systems for quick communication between the Internet users, including: creation of blogs and micro blogs as well as monitoring of discussions using the systems available on social network portals.
  • Organization of conferences and on-line transmissions of press conferences, presentation of financial results, training, and more.
  • On-line press office service, based on preparation of appropriate applications aimed at building partner relations with representatives of the traditional and electronic media.
  • Creation of graphical construction of newsletters and e-publications.
  • Testing of the utility and analysis of information architecture included in the service.
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